Things You Will Need


1)      Passport and money belt….we will have a pick pocket tutorial. Photocopies of your passport in your wallet so you can leave your passport in the hotel. Drivers’ license or student ID.

2)      TRAVEL INSURANCE? Make sure your health insurance covers you abroad.

3)      Card for personal access to cash…..or cash to exchange at an exchange office (IF CARD MAKE SURE YOU LET YOUR BANK KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE TRAVELING TO EUROPE/CZECH REPUBLIC). Bring cash for emergency use 150$ -$200.

4)      COMFORTABLE SHOES FOR WALKING, flip-flops for inside the hotel or dinner. Nice sandals or dress casual shoes for the Opera.

5)      Shirt and tie, dress pants, dress, shirt, dress shoes, etc…

6)      One pair of jeans…should be hot….mostly wearing shorts, capris, manpris, etc..

7)      Sweater or lightweight fleece

8)      Light waterproof windbreaker…something you can pack tightly

9)      8 pairs of underwear….(we won’t have time to do laundry)

10)  Sunglasses (it’s sunny in June)

11)  An overnight bag/back pack/something like that!!! Pack light!! {backpack as your carry on will do}

12)  I’ve ordered 20 adapters….I will hand them out. Don’t use small appliances that can’t take the voltage!!! Ask me before plugging it in. Laptops, phones and cameras are okay.

13)  Laptop or tablet. Blog entries need to be submitted every night. You can borrow my laptop or use the hotel’s if you don’t feel like bringing your own.

14)  If you have MEDS, don’t forget your MEDS!!! (have enough for 10 days just in case you drop one, etc…)

15)  Glasses and contacts.

50 lb suitcase….pack for 8 days. (try to pack as light as possible!!)

Don’t over pack….save room for souvenirs, etc….


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