Jumping and Screaming Fans by Taryn Schermer 

 Today we climbed to the top of a tower and got to see the entire city from the top. We also went to a park to watch Real Madrid vs Juvantes, unfortunately Juvantes lost but it was still amazing to experience all of the crazy fans jumping and screaming. My favorite part today was when Juvantes scored and everyone was jumping and screaming as loud as they could. It was so much fun watching everyone rush into the garden and cheer and yell for their team. Tomorrow I’m most looking forward to the silver mine and seeing inside the mine. 

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Soccer by Kate Yemc

Today we began our day climbing up a very large hill to get to an observation tower at the top. The hike was very long and hot, however, the view from the top was definitely worth it. After we climbed the observation tower, we ate some of the best gelato I’ve ever had. Next we traveled down the hill and over the river looking for soccer jerseys to buy. However, we fell short and couldn’t find any that were open. Instead, we ate lunch and went back to the apartments to prepare for our busy night ahead, which would include watching a soccer game at a popular beer garden. We arrived at the beer garden about 2 hours early to get seats. When we got there, there weren’t many people there, but it soon began to fill up. The soccer game was between Juventus and Real Madrid, so the garden was full of Italians and Spanish people. We were cheering for Juventus, especially because if they won Mr. Tallman promised he would do the top rock for us. When the game started, we joined the other fans by cheering and singing. I finally learned some famous soccer player’s names, like Ronaldo. Sadly, Juventus lost, but I still had a really fun time! 

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Bears by Taryn Schermer 

Today we took a tour of the castle we went to yesterday and got to go inside some of the different rooms in the castle. We got to see the original ceilings, floors, and furniture of the castle and even the past bears that were turned into rugs. Also today we went to the top of the castle and got to see the beautiful view of the city again. My favorite part of today was wondering around the city and going into the little shops and talking with people. I’m sad we left Česky Krumlov so early but it was so beautiful and I will come back another time. What I’m most looking forward to tomorrow is watching the soccer game with all of the locals. 

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Vintage Style by Sasha Lyubashevsky 

In the morning we went back to the castle for a tour of the inside, and I loved seeing all the furniture and the way people lived back then. The weirdest thing was how small the beds were. Afterwards, I bought a bunch of vintage style metal posters and got some coffee, then bought a few postcards from the art museum. 
Had a really good lunch, then walked around some more and got ice cream. I sat on the fountain in the main square for a while just to take it in before we left back for Prague and the weather was perfect to sit and relax. 
In the bus I watched some movies so the drive felt short. We all got dinner, then went back to our hotel to rest up for tomorrow. 

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Exploring Krumlov by Julian Trejo Bax

The last two days in Česky Krumlov can be described with one word, majestic. This small town is the classic fairytale medieval-style village. It’s is where every young kid dreams to live in. Well, we did just that. The first day was exploring first the castle, and then the village itself. The castle was absolutely amazing. The views from the castle were like no other. You could see the entire village: the small red roof houses, the hills in the back, and the long winding river that divided the town in half. In the castle we also explored the beautiful gardens. We also ran through a long meadow, that looked like it was from the movie, The Sound of Music. In the late evening a small group of us walked around the town at night. We ended up re climbing up the castle, and the view was just as if not more beautiful than during the day. During that evening a group of us sat on the roof of the hotel and observed the beautiful nighttime glow of the town. That night was surreal. Today we spent the first half of the day touring the inside of the castle, and having our last walks and meals in Česky Krumlov. By the end of the day I felt I knew how to get around any part of the city, because we had explored it so much. The end of the day was taken up by the long bus ride back home (Prague). Tomorrow should be a very exciting day with the Champions League final. I am really looking forward to seeing it on a large screen. Go Juventus!

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European Lifestyle by Natalia Trejo Bax 

On the second day in Cesky Krumlov we took a tour inside of the castle and we learned about the wealth families in the fourteenth and seventeenth century who owned the castle. For the rest of the afternoon we were allowed to explore the city one last time by ourselves and experience the European lifestyle. We continued exploring the small shops. Some of my favorites were a soap shop of oils and special creams that were made in the city, a purse shop that made hand painted bags and wallets each with a different and intricate design, and also a gingerbread shop that sold hand-molded gingerbread cookies and scented soaps and oils and gingerbread flavored beers and chocolate. Before we left we had one last coffee at small cafe next to the river. By the end of the trip I knew the roads and streets like the back if my hand- I felt like a local. 

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Fairytale by Natalia Trejo Bax 

Imagine your quintessential fairytale: a place with rivers running under bridges surrounding a city, narrow stone streets and alleys throughout the city and small stone and wooden shops linked together. And then in the middle of the city stands a tall castle. This was my first impression of Cesky Krumlov. We spent our first day in Cesky Krumlov exploring the city. We hiked up the castle to see breathtaking views and then walking through the gardens at the top of the castle. After the castle hike we were allowed to discover and learn about the city by ourselves. Cesky Krumlov is the type of city where you could never get lost. There were tons of small souvenir and jewelry shops scattered around the city. Like the shops, each restaurant was also different. Some could be small cafes along the river or old medieval bars hidden within the city and only known by the locals. At night the town transforms in to a whole different city. The city is quiet, spooky and but weirdly peaceful with only couples or locals roaming the streets. 

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