Course Description

When? May 26 – June5

Cost? $3000

Please see the itinerary page for information and details about things we will do while in the Czech Republic.

This is a one week trip to the Czech capital city. Students will experience the majesty and tragedy of Prague’s old town. From the sites where dissidents were persecuted or killed by the Nazi and Soviet occupations to Golden Lane, where Franz Kafka once lived, the city offers an incredible backdrop to learn about Central Europe’s turbulent past. Excursions outside of the city will take students to two UNESCO world heritage sites; Cesky Krumlov, a picturesque village in southern Bohemia, and Kutna Hora, which is home to the uniquely macabre “bone church.” Other highlights include the Terezin Concentration Camp, Prague’s Jewish Quarter, and a Czech opera at the magnificent National Theater. Each day students will complete a blog entry to reflect on their experience as well as complete a course workbook to gain a general understanding of Czech history and language.

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