A place in my heart by Christian Grandfield

(Warning: I wrote a lot tonight)

Today was our last full day in Prague, so we were given the chance to use the knowledge we’ve learned about Prague to explore for ourselves. We started our independent search at the old town farmers market and agreed to regroup at the bottom of Václavské náměstí after a while. During this time, I took the chance to try street food I’ve been eyeing every time I’ve walked by, browse the unique and fascinating items that were at the market, and just enjoy myself as much as I could. 

After our quick regroup, we split up for lunch and agreed to meet at the hotel later. The Tallmans and the Leakes took me to a great restaurant that had a lot of history in the walls. Long ago when there were swarms of Hussite soldiers trying to break into the defense, the defending soldiers would be slicing them as they came in and even sharpened their blades on the walls, explaining all of the slash marks on certain parts of the wall from 14th century. 

After lunch, I went with the Leakes to go shopping at a couple of clothing stores and pharmacies. It was a refreshing experience to get to know my precal teacher beyond the classroom. I loved getting to talk to her not as a teacher, but as a friend and sharing a laugh with her and Mr. Leake. 

Once we met up again at the hotel, we left to find dinner and eventually ended up at this Italian restaurant that was very high in quality, however, it wasn’t high in quantity. Once we finished, we then split up again to find more food, because most of us were still hungry after dinner. It was the Tallmans who invited me to come with them to find some place to eat a second dinner with them, while some of the other kids continued to explore the city in their groups. I had a great evening with the Tallmans as I again felt that my relationship with the Tallman family keeps getting deeper and more personal during all of our moments together. 

Now that it’s almost over, there’s so many things I’m gonna miss that I won’t have back home. I’m gonna miss exploring this new and epic city, as well as all of the trips we took every day. I’m gonna miss Evžen and Žofie wanting to hold hands with me everywhere I go. I’m gonna miss spending time with my friends and the Tallmans, who have been nothing but kind to me throughout the entire trip. I’ve developed a love for Prague that I’m never gonna forget and I definitely want to return someday!!

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