Once we ate breakfast and left the hotel, we tried to catch a train that would take us to Karlštejn. Unfortunately, we missed it, but took the time we had to learn more about the city, especially in regards to Václavské náměstí – where and how people gather for protests and political rallying against the government. Once we got on the train and arrived at Karlštejn, we weren’t able to see the castle right away like at many of our previous stops. We took a long and quiet hike up through the town, which felt like a ghost town because most of the shops and the castle tour was closed. That may sound unfortunate, however, I was able to find some of the best souvenirs there out of all of the places I’ve seen in Czech, thanks to the few shops that were open. I also had the best chicken schnitzel I think I’ve ever had in my life, so despite most of the town taking Monday off, I still consider it a great stop. 

Afterwards, we left on a train and headed back to the hotel to wash off. We then met at the docks by Vltava river and split up into groups to enjoy dinner whereever we wanted. My group went to an Italian pizza place, and again, the food was exceptional. Afterwards, our group split up and it ended up being me and Amelia exploring the docks and taking pictures of the views we saw as we walked. Once we regrouped, we got to see just how beautiful Prague is at night. I was always more willing to go to bed because I’m tired of walking, however, I’m so happy I took the chance to see the city and how much art went into Prague. I’m really sad that tomorrow is our last full day in Prague. All I can do is make the most out of the time I have left!

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