Terezín by Amelia Surma

June 2, 2019
Today we visited Terezin and the Concentration Camp there. This was such a powerful place. It was so chilling to walk where thousands of people walked some of their last steps. The most powerful part for me was seeing the drawings that children made. The children would draw about their lives before the concentration camp, their lives there, and their hopes and dreams. I think it is so important that people learn about and not forget about the horrendous things that people had to go through during this time. It was also so powerful reading about all the people who lost their lives and what they were like. There were incredible poets, musicians, and artists who were killed for no reason during the Holocaust.
We came back to the hotel before going to dinner in Prague 6. I loved this area of Prague and the dinner was delicious. One cultural difference I noticed today is that I bought a water bottle and an ice pop, and it was only 50 crowns. That is a little more than $2. In America, water bottles are usually at least $2. I have still been loving the amazing public transportation available here and I am looking forward to visiting a small nearby town tomorrow!

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