Prague is Just so Gorgeous by Amelia Surma

June 3, 2019
Today was a very fun day! I started off the day and visited a small cafe a few tram stops away and enjoyed a croissant and smoothie. We met back at the hotel and went to catch a bus to Karlštejn. I loved it there! The architecture and landscape is so peaceful and so different to anything in the states. We had a very nice lunch at a restaurant where we sat outside. I have loved all of the food that I’ve had here in the Czech Republic! We climbed up the rest of the mountain and saw the outside of the castle. One difference I learned is that the castles and certain big tourist locations are closed on Mondays. In the states, it is Sunday’s. We unfortunately were not able to get into the castle, but we still had a gorgeous view and were able to stop at a few gift shops. We headed back home to the apartments and then out for a dinner on the docks. It was incredible there! I loved the docks area. We were able to see the castle lit up at night and there was amazing people watching as well. It was such a cool place and I really wish we had something like it in the Laporte area.
My favorite part of the day was seeing the castle at night. There are hundreds of people walking around and eating on the docks while the castle is illuminated in the background. Prague is just so gorgeous. I am looking forward to exploring more of the beautiful city of Prague tomorrow!
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