Prague and Terezín by Jackie Mullins

Yesterday I forgot to write my blog because I passed out on the couch
because I was exhausted. Anyway, yesterday we climbed a mountain and
then had the option to climb a mini Eiffel tower but I passed because
my feet were very sore. The view from the top of the mountain was
amazing and they sold the best lemonade. Then we visited the John
Lennon wall and it was very interesting to learn about the meaning behind why it was created and kept up. After that we had the option to walk around Old Town Prague and visit shops. When we got home I could not keep my eyes open.Today we visited the Terezin concentration camp and the sights and memorials surrounding it. It was very sad but eye opening to see what the victims went through. When we got back I ate a ton of food and now I am just editing pictures.

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