Eye Opening by Aashi Patel

Terezin is a former military fortress that was used as a concentration camp and ghetto during World War II. Growing up I had learned about the horrible acts that were done during the war against Jews and other so called enemies of Nazis but never had I seen the physical evidence of these crimes. What impacted me the most was seeing all the art work the children created in the ghetto. These drawings and paintings included what life was like in the ghetto, what they imagined life to be like when they were free, and various others ones. Seeing how these young children depicted life as hopeless and dark made me think about how these camps took away the lives of a whole generation of children. These children never had the chance to grow up, to become a doctor or artists, to do what they love. Instead many of them were forced into a horrible life and then died at a young age. Seeing the physical evidence of the crimes committed in World War II was an eye opening experience that I will never forget.

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