A Roller coaster by Christian Grandfield

Today started out with a rush! After we left the hotel and bought our to go sandwiches, we made a longish stop at Starbucks, and we accidentally miscalculated how much time we actually had. After our metro stopped, Mr. Tallman said we only have about 2 minutes to get on the only bus taking us to the concentration camp. It ended up being me and Mrs. Tallman leading the pack as we dashed out the subway, which lead to me hearing, “Christian, get to that middle bus!! Hurry!!!” Fortunately I was able to get there before the bus left and yell at the bus driver to wait for our group. After some negotiations by Mrs. Tallman were on our way to the concentration camp. 

Once we arrived in Terezín, we stopped at the ghetto museum and began to explore the halls. As we were searching the exhibits, we were learning a lot about the effects of the fascist regime and got to see exactly how severe it really is. After the museum, we left to see the crematorium, where we learned that’s where they’ve had Jews burn the bodies of their dead people, as a way for the nazis to not have a ton of dead bodies in their way and contaminating the water. We then stopped at the concentration camp itself and learned just how brutal the torture there was. They’d be cramming upwards of 600 people into tiny rooms, making use of space labor, serving low quality food, leaving people to die in solitary confinement, it was so messed up! 

I remember feeling horrified knowing I was walking through a building knowing that so many people have died where I stood. Afterwards, we returned to the hotel, and fortunately, we didn’t have to dash like we did this morning. We then took some time to rinse up and then leave for dinner. Overall, today started out being crazy and wild, leading into a horrific feeling of fear and disgust, followed by the satisfaction of a great night in the city.

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