Terezín by Mia Whitlow

Today we went to concentration camp in Terezín. We took a bus up to Terezín and first stopped in a museum and looked at children’s art that was drawn during the Holocaust and the lives of people during that time. After that we went to a reconstruction of dormitories to see how men and women slept and what they wore. Each person had about 1 meter of personal space during the time in the prison, they had to sleep in triple bunk beds, and had bad hygiene since they couldn’t shower often, and in a tiny space like that could really start to stink. After we went to the museums we headed towards the crematorium. It was sad to think about all the Jews that were burned after they died because there was a lot of them and Jews were the ones who had to burn them, so they knew some of the people they had to burn. Later we took a tour at the Concentration Camp. Our tour guide showed where the prisoners had to sleep, eat, shower, and where some tried to escape. Ten people there tried to escape but only three people could do it successfully. She talked about how many people died in the courtyard that we were standing in, which is weird to think that we were standing where they were once standing or where they died. We watched a short movie after about all the people that were sent to the camps and how many survived. Not many of them did. Most of the camps had less than 1% chance of survival. We left Terezín after the movie and went back to our hotel. Tomorrow we’re going to a small village west of Prague and I can’t wait to see all the pretty views.

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