Heartbreaking Terezín by Louie DePalma

We spent all the day in Terezín, a concentration camp outside of Prague. We started of the day sprinting to our bus, catching it by only 30 seconds. After the hour bus ride we arrived and walked through the museums. We read about Terezín and the people involved. It was hard for me to read all the tragic stories. It is almost hard to believe the oppression and even understand the things these people were put through. It was still very interesting to learn the many stories and the history of Terezín. Following the museums, we ate our packed lunches while we walked to the crematorium.  As we went through the building I couldn’t even imagine the things that had happened there. Learning that some Jews were forced to do the dirty work and run the machines was very sad. After seeing the crematorium we walked to Terezín. In our tour, we saw all the courtyards, showers, barracks, chambers, tunnels, and the execution area. Actually seeing the conditions that thousands of people had to live through was heartbreaking. There is a huge difference between just hearing or seeing pictures of a camp and actually being at a camp. We got learn about the life within the camp and transportations to other camps. The .01% chance of survival in transport to the extermination camps was shocking. Everything about the camp was hard to take in. After our hour tour, we hopped in a crowded bus around 4:30 and headed back to our hotel. We had an hour to get ready for our dinner reservation at 7:30. We took the metro to a remote quarter of Prague and ate a nice dinner. After we arrived home late, I fell asleep quickly.

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