Cesky Krumlov by Jackie Mullins

Yesterday in we arrived in Cesky Krumlov after sitting in a bus for
three hours and then we spent the night. Then we went on an
exceedingly lengthy walk which I learned after navigating the city all
day could have been 7 minutes long instead of about 45 minutes long.
We visited a castle and its gardens and after that we wandered around
for a while and then had dinner and I had a whole fish with the head
attached which was interesting. After we had dinner we hung around for
awhile and then walked around the castle some more and got lost
finding the bridge which was exhausting. When we woke up I had a very
difficult time finding an open breakfast place. After breakfast we
took a tour of the castle and it was beautiful and I would have liked
to have lived there and had all of their servants. We then walked up
the tower and saw the amazing view and got a personal tour of the
clock tower from the man who works there. We then took the three hour
bus ride back to Prague and I fell asleep in a very uncomfortable
position. It was a very long day and a half and I need a break from
walking but I am very excited to see the views from the mini Eiffel
Tower tomorrow! I also noticed that people in Czech do not ever serve
ice with their water which is interesting.

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