The Clock Tower in Č. Krumlov by Christian Grandfield

We awoke to the sight of the small and gorgeous Český Krumlov from our comfy apartments. Once we gathered we were given the chance to explore the city in groups and do as we please. We eventually found a view overlooking the city with a bench, then we sat down and enjoyed the company we had. It was very special to have the time to take a break from the traveling and just enjoy life in Český Krumlov. 

Once we regrouped, we were taking a tour of the clock tower that stood high among the buildings. I loved experiencing the thrill of looking above the city high in the air, feeling the breeze, and enjoying the company I had. The real highlight of our visit was when we were offered the chance to look inside the clock tower and see how it operates. I’m never gonna forget what it was like when we were rewinding the clock. (Lenka: I can’t help it but add that we accidentally met this tower man three times and then he approached our group and offered this private tour up to the mechanism of the clock and the bells. NO tourist can go there! He said he can take someone there about once a year, it was so unique to see all the details of the original wooden 16th century tower!!!) Afterwards, we took a bus back to Prague and ate dinner. We decided to end it a little early, because we’ve been working hard climbing countless stairs and slopes. Even though I’m tired, I can’t stop thinking about our plans for tomorrow and can’t wait to start!

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