Narrowest Street by Amelia Surma

June 1, 2019
Today we started off our day with a nice hike up the mountain by the Memorial. The Memorial was for citizens whose lives were affected by the Communist Regime in the Czech Republic. It was so powerful to be able to see the numbers of the lives. There was a statue of a person which slowly faded which represented how the individuality of people was stripped. It was a very powerful piece of art which I am really glad we got to see and learn more of the history.
Next, we climbed up the mountain which had a beautiful view of the city. It was International Children’s Day so there were many booths set up and activities going on for kids. We climbed up a tower which overlooks Prague and saw such a beautiful view of the city. I faced my fear of heights again, and I’m very glad I did because the view was worth it!! We hiked down and went to lunch at a really cool Italian restaurant. We went to visit the John Lennon wall which was my favorite part of the day. The wall is covered in graffiti and writing. We all were able to sign our names on the wall and leave our mark which I think is really cool.
My other favorite part of the day was going now the narrowest street in Prague. There is a stoplight because it is only narrow enough for one person to cross at a time. I love all the alleyways and streets in Prague and I had been looking forward to this for the whole trip. It did not disappoint! It was another one of the things that makes Prague so unique and amazing!
We had some free time to explore the city and find out way back to the Old Town Square. We had dinner at an Indian restaurant which was very good and filled with fun and laughter.
I am looking forward to seeing more of this amazing place.

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