Individualism vs. Communism by Aashi Patel

Today we visited the Victims of Communism Memorial in Prague. The memorial consisted of seven statues commemorating the victims of the communist era. The statues decay the high you go and there is a bronze strip that runs through the center of the memorial estimating the numbers of those impacted by communism. The meaning of the statues is that through communism people loose their individuality and cannot have unique personalities and the freedom to do as they please. This memorial impacted me more than I thought it would because never did I realize that that many lives were impacted by communism and the statues did a true job is demonstrating how every person was equal and the same. I am looking forward to seeing the concentration camp tomorrow because theses memorials and camps helps me understand what part of the human race had to suffer though and how lucky I am to have the opportunities that are presented for me.

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