Český Krumlov: Guidance Within the City by Christian Grandfield

Once we had woken up and grabbed our bags, we left on a bus ride that took us to a city in Czech known as Český Krumlov. After setting our bags in the gorgeous overnight hotel, we left to eat lunch at a local pizza parlor. We were then given a tour of the city from the Tallmans, showing us the many shops and streets, as well as showing us the castle on the top of the hill and its beautiful gardens. I loved getting to explore that massive garden and view the arrangement of the flowers, pond, and fountain, it was a sight I won’t ever forget. 

Once we had some free time, I was struggling to find a good souvenir for my mother. Fortunately, Mrs. Tallman was more than willing to show me some of the best stores and help me find the perfect gift. Later, Mr. Tallman led me to one of his favorite spots to view the castle within the city. It was a gorgeous and overlooked view that I never would’ve noticed if it wasn’t for his guidance. I can’t wait to see what Český Krumlov has to offer tomorrow and I’m sure the Tallmans will continue to surprise me.

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