Český Krumlov by Mia Whitlow

Day 3

We got up earlier today and hopped on a bus to Český Krumlov, a fairy town. The bus ride was 3 hours long but it went by super quick! Once we got to Cesky Krumlov, we got a lunch at this cute pizza restaurant near the river. After we went to the medieval castle and saw what the city looked like from above. It was beautiful. The city was so cute and surrounded by a river which just made it look amazing. Later we went through little shops and got ice cream. I’m excited for tomorrow because we’re exploring the clock tower and taking a tour through the castle.

Day 4

Today we hung out in Cesky Krumlov until 3 and just had time to take one last look at the beautiful little town. We took a tour inside the castle and climbed up the clock tower. A tower man showed us the upper part of the tower where the clock is and showed us how it worked. After we finished our tours we went to get lunch, then got on a bus and rode back up to Prague. Once we arrived at Prague we went for dinner at a place nearby our bus stop. I’m excited to walk through Prague and see all the pretty buildings tomorrow.

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