Český Krumlov by Louie DePalma

On our third day we took a three hour bus ride to a cute little town called Český Krumlov. We arrived around 12:00 pm. After dropping our bags at our hotels located in the middle of town, we ate pizza at a restaurant near the river! We then walked around the Česky Krumlov Castle and its royal gardens. We could see all of the town from the castle! After we had free time to walk around, shop, and eat dinner. After a late night, we quickly fell asleep.
We slept in Friday morning, waking around 9:00 am. We ate the hotel breakfast and checked out of our rooms by 10:00. We had two hours of free time so a group of us decided to go back up to the castle and garden. We stayed up there until it was time for our 12:00 pm tour inside the castle! The tour lasted an hour and after 7 of us went to a café for lunch around 1:30 pm. We ate our lunch and regrouped with everyone by 3:15. We hopped on our bus at 4:00 pm and arrived around 7:00 pm. Back in Prague, we went to dinner right away. By 9:00 pm we were back at our hotels. Around 9:30, Ellie and I decided to hop on a tram and get some dessert. After a long day, I was ready for bed!

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