A Night in Paradise by Annabelle Lake

The majority of the last two days was spent in a small town to the south of Prague, called Česky Krumlov. It looks like something straight out of a fairytale, down to the castle (guarded by a bear!) and the stone roads.
We arrived Thursday on a luxury bus and immediately enjoyed a lunch at one of the many riverside restaurants, then later walked up to the castle grounds and explored the incredible gardens. We also spent some time browsing the shops before dinner, then took a night stroll up to the castle and down along the river’s edge. The town was just as beautiful at night as during the day, yet much more peaceful.
Friday morning, we scheduled a tour of the inside of the castle and even got a one-of-a-kind trip inside the clock tower. We even were allowed to crank the internal mechanism of the clock, which is usually done every two days by the men who maintain the clock as their full time job. Afterwards, we grabbed lunch and then I shared a traditional dessert — Trdelnik — with Ben. We caught our bus back to Prague and enjoyed a delicious dinner before heading back to our apartments.
My feet are blistered but I’m ready to go again tomorrow! We’re supposed to be doing even more climbing in the morning, and I’m excited for the views.

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