Tree in Garden by Ben Ruszkowski

Thursday morning we woke up early and left for Česky Krumlov with a three hour bus ride.
When we first got there we had lunch on the river then Ellie fell on a part of the playground nearby. After that Clint showed us around the city. We went to our rooms then we then walked around the castle. We walked up to the bridge of the castle and then the gardens behind the castle. We found a tree with a huge hole in the middle so that obviously means we had to take pictures in it for twenty minutes. After we walked the castle, we were allowed to walk around on our own and eat dinner where we choose. After dinner we met up at the apartments and heard some music, and Christian took of his belt and did his dance routine with in front of us. Finally we walked around the castle again at night and that was the end of the first night in Česky Krumlov.
The next morning we woke up had breakfast then had an actually tour of the castle. We then went up of the big tower and Mrs. Leake husbands friend that he met up with took us to the clock tower part which only a few people are lucky enough to do so. We then came back on the bus to Prague and had dinner.
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