Český Krumlov by Amelia Surma

May 31, 2019
Today was the second day in a real life Disney World! It is so beautiful in Český Krumlov. I got up early and took a morning walk to see the town before all the tourists came. It was so gorgeous and peaceful. I got to travel down the alleyways and different streets with almost no one around. We met back at the hotel before heading to the castle for our tour. It was such a cool place and I wish we could have taken pictures! My favorite part of the day was going up to the clock tower! We met a local man who worked there are let us go up to see it. It was such an incredible experience that I am so happy we got to do. It is not open to the public which makes it even more special that we got to see the clock!
Afterwards, we had time for lunch before getting on the bus and heading back to Prague! Once we got back into the city, we had dinner at a really cool restaurant and went back to our neighborhood. I went for a walk around the park nearby and got to see some more of the area.
I am looking forward to exploring more of Prague tomorrow and visiting the the mini Eiffel Tower! I am so excited for the rest of the trip as the first part has been so incredible and I know the second part will be too!
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