Prague Castle by Ben Ruszkowski

Wednesday morning was a little rough because it was a little cold and started to rain but weather aside the Prague castle was nearly empty so it made sight seeing easier. We first saw the cathedral which was alright and the castle which was cool because Clint talked about how people were thrown from the window. The coolest part of the castle was Golden Lane. I saw a bunch of different guns, knives, swords, shields, helmets, and suits of armor knights used to wear. Most of Golden Lane was kept intact and provided a good insight on the medieval lifestyles. After lunch we traveled to Old Town Square. We had to go over the Charles Bridge and in doing so we lost Jacky and Annabelle for a couple minutes and then again two more times throughout the day. In Old Town Square, we did a bunch of shopping around the area. The coolest thing I did there was meeting this giant panda, it was pretty dope.

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