Breathtaking Views by Amelia Surma

We started off our day on a bus to Český Krumlov. It is so incredible here! All of the streets connect to each other and it’s so much fun to get lost in the beautiful town. We got into the city and checked into our hotel before heading to lunch. We sat outside on a patio and I had a margherita pizza and elder lemonade. It was so good! We headed to the castle and walked around the outside grounds. The view is so breathtaking. We headed to the gardens and explored a path that led to a cute pond and interesting trees! Next, we had some free time to explore the shops around the city before having dinner. I had chocolate gelato and visited many cute shops. For dinner, I had a chicken feast. It included many different foods to sample, which was very delicious! Afterward, we went to the castle lookout again to look over the city during the nighttime.

My favorite part of the day was hearing a musician play live music near our hotel. He was playing at a restaurant and there were so many people eating and watching him play on the stage. It was such a fun thing and something that I wish would happen in the States.
I am looking forward to touring the inside of the castle as well as returning to the beautiful city of Prague to keep exploring!!
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