Miner of Silver by Christian Grandfield

Today was our first full day in Prague and it couldn’t have been more fun! After making a visit to the St. Barbora’s Cathedral, Mr. Tallman led us to the old silver mines. We were led on a tour that took us deep underground and we got to explore and learn about how silver was mined in the 15th century. While exploring, I couldn’t have been more excited about it than I was, without a doubt it was the highlight of my day! I loved the thrill of traveling where many don’t and seeing the secrets held within the tunnel. Afterwords, we later dined at a pizza parlor where I began to notice on unique difference between Prague and the United States, that being, the lack of water that’s served. It’s been a bit difficult at times, because I’m so used to drinking a lot more during my meal time, however, I’m sure I’ll adapt within time.

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