Light Shining by Annabelle Lake

After taking just about every form of public transportation, we arrived at the Sedlec Ossuary this morning just outside of Kutná Hora. The church is internally decorated with human bones, which were found in excess due to plagues and wars when the church was adorned. I found the church fascinating, but the most interesting part was that the crucifix was the only thing in the church located in natural light. Something that I noticed as we traveled around today was the noticeable absence of free, public bathrooms. This is obviously not the norm in America, so it came as a bit of a shock to me. Similarly, at dinner, we were charged for water. I was warned about this but it still seems odd to me.Tomorrow, I have been told that we will be attending some of the most picturesque places in Praha. I am looking forward to exploring the city a bit more than the few streets we have gotten to walk — more then!

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