Volkswagen by Gavin Maschmeyer

Tuesday June 5th 

Today the La Lumiere squad went to Dresden, Germany. We took a bus early in the morning, with it being about a two-hour drive. When we got there we first went to a big mall and walked around the city square. We didn’t really have much time to see much. The one awesome thing we did see was the Volkswagen factory. This factory was one of the highlights of my trips because it had some of the coolest technologies implemented into their showcases. We took a tour group of the factory and it’s production lines. I was surprised to learn that Volkswagen gave their workers sausages to keep them happy! Near the end of the tour we were able to get into some of the cars and play with their different and unique functions. After doing this we went back to the main area and found the Virtual Reality section. It was a massive ring which had a chair in the middle with two separate VR machines operating at once. It was one of my favorite parts of the tour because I was able to use the machine and it was hyper realistic and fun. Overall Dresden was a fun day and a wholesome  experience.

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