Dresden by Wyatt Toothaker

Today we got up early to go to Dresden, Germany. A two hour bus ride took us to the train station where we continued on foot. For lunch we went to a Middle Eastern restaurant and I ordered lamb shawarma. As a group we looked at several historical sites and statues. Later in the afternoon we went to Transparent Factory. This factory is owned by Volkswagen, a German automobile manufacturer. There are only three machines in this high tech modern factory. Everything else is assembled by hand. The factory is in the shape of an L to maximize space. There is a lot of open light and air flow, which differs from the standard factory. Only seventy cars are made per day in this factory. Tours are running through the factory constantly and the groups are taken to the floor where the cars are made. After the tour I used a virtual reality simulator that allowed me to experience driving a Volkswagen electric concept car. It was an amazing experience to feel like you are in a whole different world.

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