Pancakes?…By Gavin Maschmeyer

Monday June 4th 

This day was slow paced but super fun day. Originally we were suppose to go to Dresden, Germany but one of the kids was late and the return tickets became booked up. However that kid saved us because later that evening there was a large fire which would have prevented us from getting into Germany. First we went to a breakfast and most of us ordered pancakes. These pancakes turned out to be the size of the circle you can make with your index finger and thumb. Only 3 of those, so many of us didn’t feel satisfied with that meal. After that we saw a face of Frank Kafka that could morph and move into different positions. Then we got free time and I shopped at Zara and spent all my money. It was a fun shopping time. After the free time we looked for a dinner place and found one. All the guys except for Andy ordered virgin mojitos. This is where the day ends and we are back to the hotels where now I am writing my blog.

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