Communism and John Lennon by Wyatt Toothaker

It was a very eventful day today. We explored Praha, an old farmers market, and the Charles Bridge. The old farmers market was in a central location in Praha and there were many stands connected side by side. They sold everything from fresh strawberries from the Czech countryside to Buddha statues and nutcrackers. On our way to the Charles Bridge we stopped by the Lennon Wall. This wall was inspired by John Lennon’s lifestyle, talent in music, and ability to convey peace and happiness during a depressing period of communism in many countries from the end of World War I to present day. John Lennon’s ability to portray a style of Western freedom during a time of oppression provided many citizens with a feeling of hope. Everyone signed their name and got a picture by the Lennon Wall. Once we reached the Charles Bridge we had an hour to spend our time viewing and crossing the bridge. The bridge has been damaged several times and repaired due to war and flooding. The bridge offered surreal views of Prague and great statues with golden accents. We had a great lunch at an Italian restaurant. I ordered the Toscana pizza and it was fantastic. After lunch we hiked up to the Petrin Lookout Tower. It was a very cool experience being 63.5 meters high in the air but the wind was making the tower sway. Once we got down from the tower there was very good gelato at the base.

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