Silver Mining and More by Gavin Maschmeyer

Saturday June 2nd

Today we did many fun things and saw many new things! First off we took a train and then transferred to another train to go to the silver mining town, Kuntá Hora, which holds the bone church. The bone church was really creepy but still a little bit interesting. Over 30,000 people were used in the making / decoration of this church. In the church there were bone chandeliers made from every type of human bone imaginable. After the bone church we went across the street and got ice cream. After that we waited for the bus to go to dinner but it turns out on weekends the buses don’t run as often so we take a 30 minute walk to the restaurant. After the restaurant we went to a silver mine. The silver mine was very cool! The tunnels we had to go through could be super tight and nearly make you crawl at the smallest point of these tunnels. The tour guide gave us the history of silver miners during this time on how they mined, smelted, and minted the silver. It was very interesting experience overall. After the silver mine we visited a large church, St. Barbara’s Church, which had beautiful views of the city. After that we took a train back to Prague.

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