Kuntá Hora by Mitch Cary

Day five brought a train ride to a town called Kutná Hora. We saw many churches once again but one stood out above others. The Church of All Saints with the Ossuary has an interior decorated by the skeletal remains of around 60,000 people from the 14th century. The bones are arranged to form structures like bells, chandeliers, arch’s, and coats of arms. The bones came either from soldiers brutally killed in combat or people who contracted the plague. The town had more to offer however. After lunch, we explored an old silver mine created during the same time period as the church. Given the short stature of the people back then, even I, the shortest person, had trouble fitting through the fun sized corridors. We then all turned our head lamps off to experience the absolute darkness of the mine. After exploring the town a bit more than planned, we jogged our way across town to meet the train back to Prague.

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