Horrors of the Holocaust by Mitch Cary

Unlike the day before, we learned that Czechia isn’t all fluffy kittens and unicorns. Today we woke up early even with jet lag to catch a bus ride to terezin, north of Prague. Terezin is the sight in which a star fort was built in the 18th century to defend the former state of Bohemia from Prussian aggression. During world war 2 the nazi’s captured terezin and forced out all its inhabitants to create a ghetto. The ghetto hosted over 155,000 prisoners over the course of the war. Around 35,000 died there and 83,000 others who once lived there had died in other camps. Before visiting the camp itself, we visited a few museums which informed us of the horrors of the holocaust and later visited a crematorium. Then we headed toward the camp. During our tour we had learned about many specific atrocities the nazis committed, whether it was shooting them dead or beating them to brink of death, or slowly starving to a terrible end.

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