Satuday, Sunday, Monday by Julian Trejo Bax

This day (Saturday) was more intense in the morning. We started off by walking up a hill and than climbing up a tall building that looked exactly like the Eiffel Tower. At the top of the tower the view of Prague was absolutely amazing. After that a group of us went to look at many shops around Prague, specifically soccer shops. After a long period of walking we rested in the hotel and got ready for the big game. That night we walked to the beer gardens and watched the Champions League Final. The game was projected on an enormous screen, and there were people from all over Europe cheering for their team. The atmosphere was amazing. This was one of the best parts of the trip. We arrived that night at the apartments late and exhausted, but excited to see what the next day had to offer.

This day (Sunday) we went to another village called Kutna Hora. In the town we first walked around and enjoyed the city, and even entered a church filled with bones. Then we went to the silver mines, and we even went underground and experience the terrible condition that people had to work in. After that we went to an enormous  cathedral. The cathedral was filled with beautiful glass windows and Sovfia’s non-stopping laughing. We also had an amazing view of the villages from outside the cathedral on a long bridge. 

This day (Monday) was a very happy, but also sad day. This last day was about having our ltast adventures in Prague. In the morning a group of us went to a really beautiful garden. Later the guys went to go get Eurocuts with amazing barbers. The rest of the afternoon we all walked around in small groups and enjoyed the city and did a lot of shopping. For lunch Mr. Tallman took a group of us to an amazing Indian restaurant that I am convinced had the best food in Prague. That night we all walked around the main square and then to St. Charles bridge for the last time. The view was beautiful, but it was hard to think that the next morning were all going to leave this beautiful city. This last walk in the evening was one of the best parts of the trip because we were all together as a group enjoying the last beautiful views of Prague. 

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