Soccer by Kate Yemc

Today we began our day climbing up a very large hill to get to an observation tower at the top. The hike was very long and hot, however, the view from the top was definitely worth it. After we climbed the observation tower, we ate some of the best gelato I’ve ever had. Next we traveled down the hill and over the river looking for soccer jerseys to buy. However, we fell short and couldn’t find any that were open. Instead, we ate lunch and went back to the apartments to prepare for our busy night ahead, which would include watching a soccer game at a popular beer garden. We arrived at the beer garden about 2 hours early to get seats. When we got there, there weren’t many people there, but it soon began to fill up. The soccer game was between Juventus and Real Madrid, so the garden was full of Italians and Spanish people. We were cheering for Juventus, especially because if they won Mr. Tallman promised he would do the top rock for us. When the game started, we joined the other fans by cheering and singing. I finally learned some famous soccer player’s names, like Ronaldo. Sadly, Juventus lost, but I still had a really fun time! 

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