Fun in Česky Krumlov by Taryn Schermer 

Day 3 in Prague    Today we went to Česky Krumlov and got to explore the castle a little and then walk into the garden of the castle with statues and fountains. We had a lot of time to wonder with our groups to explore and really get to see the city and we found a hill that when you got to the top you can see the entire city with the castle and clock tower. After dinner we had free time to do what ever we wanted so my group and I went to the castle and got to see the city with all of the buildings lit up and got to see some of the night life. My favorite part was eating dinner right next to the river as the sun was setting. What surprised me the most today was seeing the hotel that we’re staying in because it feels like I’m in a cartoon with all differently themed rooms and the city itself looks like it could be Disney world or in a fairytale. The funniest part of today was either watching mike try dance to some strangers EDM song or Evan pop his head up over the hedges in the garden. Tomorrow I’m mostly looking forward to getting a closer look at the castle during our tour. 

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