Exploring Krumlov by Julian Trejo Bax

The last two days in Česky Krumlov can be described with one word, majestic. This small town is the classic fairytale medieval-style village. It’s is where every young kid dreams to live in. Well, we did just that. The first day was exploring first the castle, and then the village itself. The castle was absolutely amazing. The views from the castle were like no other. You could see the entire village: the small red roof houses, the hills in the back, and the long winding river that divided the town in half. In the castle we also explored the beautiful gardens. We also ran through a long meadow, that looked like it was from the movie, The Sound of Music. In the late evening a small group of us walked around the town at night. We ended up re climbing up the castle, and the view was just as if not more beautiful than during the day. During that evening a group of us sat on the roof of the hotel and observed the beautiful nighttime glow of the town. That night was surreal. Today we spent the first half of the day touring the inside of the castle, and having our last walks and meals in Česky Krumlov. By the end of the day I felt I knew how to get around any part of the city, because we had explored it so much. The end of the day was taken up by the long bus ride back home (Prague). Tomorrow should be a very exciting day with the Champions League final. I am really looking forward to seeing it on a large screen. Go Juventus!

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