Stairs by Molly Caplice

Yesterday we got to Prague. Yesterday was filled with traveling, walking around old town, and just getting settled in our hotel. We walked to the bridge and it was just so beautiful. Looking over at old town was just amazing. This city is just so beautiful. Then, this morning, Tallman, Taryn, Evan, Natalia, Mike, Julian, and I went on a run. Although Tallman killed us by making us run up a ton of stairs, when we got to the top of this hill in the park, the view was just breathtaking. The running was rough because of the heat and the jet lag, but, all and all, getting up to run was completely worth it. After we had all showered, gotten ready, and eaten, we hopped on the tram to the castle. We walked up a ton of stairs (yay more stairs) to get up to the castle. While we were waiting to go into the castle we were sitting outside and watching people take the most ridiculous pictures sitting on a fake throne and posing with two fake knights. Once we were ready to go in we went in to Saint George’s Church. It was really cool. Then, we went to golden lane. Golden Lane was so adorable! All the little houses were so cute. It would be like a dream of mine to live in one of those. While we were in golden lane we walked around in this building that had a bunch of old weapons. All of the swords and stuff were designed so beautifully. It amazes me how intricate all of the designs were. People probably spent so much time on them to make designs that precise. When we were done at the castle, we ate lunch. After lunch we went to a museum. The building that the museum was in was incredible. I cannot even describe the beauty of its architecture.We then decided to go up in the bell tower of the Cathedral and it was incredible. Even though there were so many stairs (all in a spiral staircase which was soooo fun) it was totally worth it. We could see the whole city. It was one of the most breathtaking views I have ever seen. Later on we went to Mrs. Tallman and Mrs. Leake’s favorite cake place and it was so good! Later in the evening after dinner we had time to wander around the city. The girls and I wander around just looking at all of the incredible buildings. I think it’s safe to say that I’m falling in love with this city. It is just so beautiful. Maybe one day I’ll come back and live here. 

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