Important to see but hard to understand by Molly Caplice

Today we went to Terezin. Terezin is a town that was turned into a Jewish Ghetto and Concentration Camp during World War II. It was very hard for me to be there. The thought that the world could get to the point where so much cruelty can happen to a group of people sickens me. I wanted to throw up the whole time. We went through the ghetto museum first. One of the most disturbing things I saw in there was in one of the rooms the walls were lined with names of children who had been in the ghetto and concentration camp. It was heartbreaking. There were so many names. Those children were younger than me and suffered because of their heritage. It makes me so upset. We took a tour of the camp and saw the crematorium. All and all the day was very sobering. It is hard to see but I think it’s something that I had to see to understand that this major event happened and so many people suffered in so many ways. Every way someone could suffer happened at the camps. How can the world get to that point? How can someone look at another person and treat them like that? How does a whole society get to that point of hate? I pray that nothing like that ever happens again. After today I want to do what I can to stop terrible events like the Holocaust from happening again. It makes me so upset. I lit a candle for the lost in the crematorium but it is not nearly enough to show how sorry I am for what happen and how much what happened to them makes me sick. It is heartbreaking. I can’t put it into words. I think our visit to Terezin was important to do, even though it wasn’t very easy.

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