Terezín by Taryn Schermer

Day 2 in Prague      Today we went to a concentration camp in Terezín. It was interesting to see but also extremely sad and made me wonder how a person could possibly agree to do such horrible things to innocent people and their families. We saw the torture rooms, the bedrooms, underground tunnels soldiers used and the crematorium. The bedrooms were small rooms with bunk beds three beds high that would hold 90-100 people at a time. I learned many things about how people took their minds off of the tragedy that was happening by singing songs or drawing but they would often get in trouble for having possession of crayons or markers. My favorite part,even though it was sad to think about, was reading about the art work that children and even adults made and the story behind it because it often showed what was happening outside at the time from their perspective. The most surprising part was seeing the crematorium, I can’t imagine seeing people getting burned to ashes and not think twice about it when I could barely stand to be in the same room as the ovens with some of the burned ashes still sitting inside. Tomorrow I’m most looking forward to seeing the little village and exploring a new place and experiencing different culture and seeing other traditions.

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