Moving Day by Natalia Trejo Bax 

Today was not a typical energetic and touristical day. We visited Terezín- a small town outside of Prague that was turned into a ghetto for Jews and concentration camp for prisoners and minorities. I was most fascinated by the music and art created by jewish prisoners in the concentration camps. I was moved to see the pictures that some of the kids drew of life in the concentration camps. The most striking poem I read was written by a boy who describes the flowers and trees growing around him but then comes to a realization that one day he won’t be able to see these trees and flowers. The poem made me realize the horror and terror men, women and even children had to go through. While some of the things we saw or learned about today were disturbing it was still moving and interesting to learn about and listen to the stories of the victims from this haunted place. During the bus ride back we were able to reflect on everything we experienced while enjoying the peaceful views of the mountains and the small and unique villages next to the fields. 

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