Stairs and more Stairs by Sasha Lyubashevsky

Day 2:
Our first full day in Prague! After breakfast we started by taking a tram down to the border of the old and new town and walked from there to a castle we were going to visit. We had to climb a huge set of stairs (more on stairs later), but once we were at the top the view of Prague was nothing short of incredible.
The whole castle area was awesome, it wasnt a medieval style castle you would normally expect, it was definitely more modern but still really cool to walk around and explore. Our original plan was to see the giant church in the center, but the line was hours long. So instead we went to the golden street, a street with all the original building and especially original doorways. I had to crouch to get into most buildings and through some stairs. We saw a cool museum of armor and some cute gift shops before we left.
We then decided to break for lunch and ate at a cool brewery in a quieter neighborhood. After that, the group split into two: one group went to walk and shop and the other (including me) got coffee at a nice cafe that overlooked an amazing view of the city. It looked like it was gonna rain so we went to a museum with an exhibition about charter 77, basically a group of awesome intellectual hippies that worked together to help fight against communism. 
We ate dinner, then split up again to walk around on our own near namesti miru. A lot of stuff was closed, but just wandering around the streets was still super fun and interesting. 

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