Breath-Taking Views by Noah Schuster

As for yesterday, there is not much to share. Just one short flight (1hr and 45min), and one long flight (7hr and 30min)! Pretty cool though having been my first time flying across the Atlantic Ocean to Europe. Eventually I did arrive safe and sound to Prague, where I got my luggage and then headed for the hotel. After some down time we all headed out for dinner, also taking in all the beautiful sights along the way as we walked down the cobblestone streets! Soon after dinner, we continued to walk around Prague seeing even more breath-taking views. Finally after this long day, we all returned to the hotel where I soon fell asleep.​Today was a pretty cool day! I went to go see Prague Castle, which doesn’t seem like the traditional castle we would all think of, but nevertheless still amazing. I can say with great certain that Saint Vitus Cathedral was the most beautiful cathedral I have ever seen in my life. The gothic style architecture and the amazing view of Prague from the tower was absolutely breath-taking! Besides this, I saw many other cool places throughout the day. Towards the end I walked around the streets of Prague for a time before returning to the hotel and retiring for the night!

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