Getting There by Sasha Lyubashevsky

Today started with a long plane ride from New York to Prague. I barely slept, but I was still excited to explore the city. We took a bus from the airport, then a train to the central area of Prague, then a tram to our hotel. Taking the city in for the first time was a little bit daunting, since it was a new place with a completely foreign language, but it was so cool to see for the same reasons. I’ve been to other cities in Europe, but Prague was different in that it wasn’t too modern, but it wasn’t so old that every building and street looked the same.

We got to the hotel and unpacked our stuff, then immediately headed out and started walking around the downtown area of the city. We explored the “Michigan Avenue” of Prague, then took a bunch of little side streets to find a place to eat. By that point, we were starving, exhausted, and barely awake because of the jet lag. But as soon as we finished eating we had enough energy to walk across the famous bridge downtown and stop for a little while on the old side of town to hang out as a group. We eventually took a tram back to the hotel and had some time to relax before bed. 

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