Get Lost in the City by Hannah Fogel 

Today was our last day in Prague. Our feet aching, calves burning, and eyes squinting, we trudged down to the Old Town Square. We were exhausted, but determined to have the best last day we possibly could. So, we met by a famous horse statue, trekked to the top of the astronomical clock tower in the square to take in the most amazing view of the city, and were given about four hours of free time to “get lost in the city, explore, and be back at the hotel by 6:00 pm.” So, we split into groups and shopped, dined, and explored until about 3:30, we Karalyn, Justes, and I decided we wanted gelato, but not just any gelato, the best gelato in Prague. We all agree that it could be found at Petrín, the tower we walked up a few days ago which was, naturally, a thirty minute tram ride away. It was really really really good gelato, though, so we put our minds together and took on Prague’s public transportation with vigor and unanticipated success. Our efforts were well worth it though, when we got to the top and not only got to eat excessive amounts of the best gelato in Prague, but also a beautiful rose garden that we didn’t have time to walk through on our last visit. After thoroughly enjoying our time at the gelato shop and an impromptu photo shoot at the rose gardens, it was a race back to the hotel to get ready for our fancy night out, another, planned, photo shoot on Charles’ Bridge, and one last late night walk in the square to say goodbye to the city.

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