An Astronomically Great Trip by Ainesh Shintre


“One last hurrah,” (quote by Mr. Tallman).  That’s the best way to describe my mentality during the last day of the trip.  Enjoy the city of Prague while I still can.  Admire the beautiful architecture while I still can.  Stroll down the brick roads, heavy with the scent of trdelnik and good food while I still can.  That is exactly what I did, during my last day in Prague; I focused on the present, and seized the day (carpe diem). 

We traveled to the famous Astronomical Clock Tower of Prague, to see the clock and view the city from up high.  The clock itself is extremely complex with many moving parts and turning gears.  The creator of the clock was blinded after he completed the clock so that he could never repeat his marvelous work for other countries, with was probably not the reward he was expecting for his hard work.  The view from the top of the tower is mesmerizing, you can almost see the entire city of Prague.

After visiting Old Town Square and St. Wenceslaus Square we were given free time to go and explore the city at our own free will.  Post-exploration, we headed back to the hotel to get cleaned up for our fancy dinner.  We took pictures on the a bridge and headed to dinner.  After a delicious dinner we headed back to the Astronomical Clock Tower to enjoy the large open square and get gelato.  After the fun was over and the gelato was all eaten, we departed for the hotel to pack our bags, for the trip home.

This trip did not feel like a week and a half.  It’s feels like a lifetime has elapsed from the beginning to the end of the trip.  It’s a bittersweet farewell, I will miss the city of Prague, the people I have met, the friendships I have crafted, but all good things must come to an end.  If our adventures and journeys never ended, they wouldn’t be special; and this trip was very special.  I have learned a lot since the beginning of the trip, I learned the Tale of Žižka, the One-Eyed Warrior, I visited Česky Krumlov, Kutna Hora, the Bone Church, and so on.  This isn’t the last time I plan to visit the city, I hope to come back one day, perhaps on my own.  I have fallen in love with this historic city, and although this is my last day in Prague for the Summer of 2016, my adventures in the Czech Republic are far from over.

I’d like to thank Mr. Tallman for making this trip so enjoyable, walking his fast pace, telling his ingenious puns and teaching the history of Prague to us students with so much love and care.  Thanks to Mrs. Tallman for sharing her hometown with us, as well as her sharp humor.  I never felt like an outsider in this foreign country and that was because of you.  Thanks to Mrs. Leake for being a great chaperone, the trip wouldn’t be the same without you.  A special thanks for Mrs. Tallman’s parents, it was wonderful to meet you and hear your stories.

Doufám, že vidět brzy v Praze,

Ainesh Shintre, Signing Off for the Last Time

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