Explorers by Justes Kemper


Everything good must come to an end. This statement sums up this experience. Today was our last day enjoying and exploring Prague and the Czech Republic. This morning, we got to go up into the clock tower and lookout onto the city once more. Looking out reminded me of our adventures, and how much we still had left to explore. This city is endless beauty and I am so glad I had the chance to indulge in some of it. We split up into groups and went on our own little adventures. It all started with lunch to kickoff our travels. After another delicious meal, we set out on a trip to get our favorite gelato. We knew where it was by, but did not quite know what it was called or how to get there. Upon further investigation, we were directed to go this to a certain Tram Stop. We got on having no idea if we were going towards our destination. After a few stops, we looked out the window in bliss. We had made it to the base of the hill. Now, to figure out how to take the trolley up. Having already walking up it once, we were vaguely familiar with the landscape. We ran in in joy, and got on the trolley to our treats. After reaching the top, we were shocked to find the beautiful rose gardens we missed the first time. However, that was not the prime source of our happiness. The 6 scoops of gelato was my solace. 

This spontaneous trip was just one example of a journey. I hope one day I can have another journey here. So, for the last time “Goodnight”.

Signing off,

J. Anthony Kemper


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