A Muse-ical Experience Worth Czeching Out by Ainesh Shintre

The Opera, or a Muse concert.  That’s a difference between the trip today and two years ago.  This trip, we attended the Muse concert, and I must say it was a very good choice.  An a-muse-ing little fact, this was my first concert, so it’s the best concert I’ve ever been to.  And the only concert I’ve ever been to.  Before we talk about the concert, let’s discuss what we did prior.

The group today traveled to a memorial in Prague, which was in honor of all the people that died during the Communist occupation.  The monument was composed of a series of metal statues of a man, going up a steep flight of stairs.  Every step the man lost more and more of himself, missing an arm, then a leg or shoulder, so on and so on.  Finally at the end there was nothing left of him but a foot.  The memorial has a very simple message, presented in a very simple and blunt way.  It’s saying that Communism basically takes away being an individual.  Slowly the government makes you more of a generic and common person until there is nothing different, special or unique about you left.  Communism was taking away what it means to be an individual, and focused on making everyone the same.  There will be more about Communism in the next entry, but continuing on we climbed a tall hill and made it to a giant replica of the Eiffel Tower.  When up high above the city of Prague you can see everything.  There is a distinct difference between the traditional Czech buildings and the building built during the years of he communist occupation.  One thing is Mrs. Tallman finds the Communist building to be quite repulsive and ugly in appearance, which I have to agree on.  The Communist buildings are very drab, dull and uninteresting.  The buildings have no expression; for example I saw a church from the Tower.  It was tall, and rectangular like a skyscraper with a large cross on the top.  This building conflicts with the other buildings in the surrounding area.

After the Eiffel Tower view of the city, and the best gelato ever, we headed to the mall.  After shopping, we took the tram back to the hotel to get ready for the Concert.  On the ride back, we were crossing a bridge when I noticed a familiar sight.  There were crew shells out on the river, rowing.  There was a rowing competition, a regatta on the river here in Prague.  I caught the 8+’s racing and it was quite a sight to behold.

The concert itself was amazing.  Muse has very interesting music, with a strong drums and bass, the guitarist is very fast and skilled.  And the singer is quite good, I enjoyed the concert very much.  I hope to see another concert by them sometime in the future because I am now a fan of their music.

Now the concert is not the only big thing we are going to in Prague.  Tomorrow, we go to something that is deeply important in the hearts of the Czech people.

Přijde příště, fotbal Česká republika vs Jižní Korea,

Ainesh Shintre, Signing Off

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