Unforgettable Tragedy by Justes Kemper

I can’t even begin to describe today. The emotions evoked, and the thoughts provoked. Today we travelled to Terezin. During World War II, Terezin became a large ghetto connected to a concentration camp. When first arriving, we walked up and past a large cemetery. Their tombstones identified them by either their name or a number. To my knowledge, the number had no correlation to the numbers  assigned by the Nazis. This was just a way to commemorate the person and remember the life that could’ve been forgotten. Once starting the tour, we were immersed into the world it once was. We explored the facilities of the fort and were shocked by the inhumanity. This was a reminder of what humans can do, and how susceptible we are to authority. Terezin was quite an experience, an unforgettable tragedy. 

Signing off,

J. Anthony Kemper


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