Town of Fairy Tales Part 2 by Ainesh Shintre


The trip to Česky Krumlov was a two day trip, and for good reason.  This town is small in size but extensive and rich in history.  So, on day two of our stay in this wonderful little town there was still plenty to explore and discover.  I have come to realize that the Czech Republic has a bad case of “Indiana Weather.”  When you wake up it may be storming outside with sharp winds, and terrestrial downpour, but in ten minutes the sky will transform from a musky dark grey to a bright and vibrant blue, dotted with white clouds here and there.  The sun will reveal it self from behind the clouds and the temperature will jump back to about 27 degrees Celsius (Czech Republic=Metric System).  This was how my day had started out.  I woke up, hearing the pitter patter of the raindrops on the window of my room.  Using this new found information I put on some shorts and a waterproof outer layer and ran down the stairs for breakfast.  After breakfast we grabbed a buddy, mine being Trevor and went out to explore the town.

I was surprised to find that even in the rain, the town was bustling with action.  Trevor and I walked around the town, bought some souvenirs and antiques for us and our families, and ate lunch with the group.  During lunch, Mr. Tallman told us about different, small cultural things in the Czech Republic that really make the place special.  He told our table, that if you are toasting a drink with some of your friends, what you have to do is look every person in the eyes and say, “to your health”, in Czech.  Then you clash mugs and before taking a sip you touch the bottom of your mug to the table and then drink.  This is because there is a superstition that, when you clash mugs, your friendship with the person you are sharing the drink with is so strong it creates a sort of energy.  To ground the energy you have to touch the table with your mug and then you can drink, or else you will be electrocuted.  It’s an interesting little thing that the people here do, that I find very endearing.

After we finished lunch the rain stopped and the sun came out of the clouds to shower us with it’s brilliant light. As the departure time for our bus back to Prague grew nearer, we had to sadly say “na shledanou” (Good bye) to the beautiful town of Česky Krumlov.  Once we got back to Prague and ate dinner we decided to rest for the evening, because tomorrow was a big day, with a big event in store for us.

Přijde příště, Muse koncert,

Ainesh Shintre, Signing off

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